Start today. You are never ready.

There’s never a better time than the present. Too often, we wait for the perfect time to start losing weight, build a business, save money, eat healthier food, or practice yoga. Time is constantly passing, and there’s no time to wait! There’s never going to be a perfect time. [...]

News Release: Carola Sand Takes Proven Healing to the Next Level and the World

Published on November 29 2018. View on Authority Presswire: https://authoritypresswire.com/carola-sand-takes-proven-healing-to-the-next-level-and-the-world/ Carola Sand, an evidence-based healer based in Finland, was interviewed recently on The Optimal Health Radio show (available on the iHeartRadio network, Stitcher, YouTube, iTunes and Spreaker) about utilizing The Trivedi Effect® which has the potential to provide beneficial effects that [...]

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