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I had tried many modalities to heal my body pain and regain my self-confidence for 5 years meeting various healers on one to one bases with little or no effect at all till when I contacted Carola after being friends on Facebook for about one year or even more. I went straight for 4 times a month which ended last month March 31 and she insisted on giving me bonuses, which seemed typical of her nature after meeting her once for a cup of coffee. The morning of the first session I felt weirdness in my body with the back pain I went to bed with, the previous day gone and since then, I started sleeping very well each and every day without waking up in the middle of the night twice, I also felt youngness in my being with ample energy to doing sometime three to four shifts a day with lots of inner peace and tranquility continuously. I am recommending this energy force to anyone who is skeptical as I was to be brave and try the energy force which is instantaneous at least to my experience. Life is good for people who are open and ready to receive what they want from life just as the saying goes. BE WHAT YOU WANT FROM LIFE AND THE LIFE WILL FOLLOW YOU ACCOMPLISH IT. You have to lead the life so that IT can know what you want from LIFE. Anything that comes to your awareness is there for a reason so follow it, try it, challenge it without fear, and at the end of the fear is where success is found. Peace Namaste. I will end this by thanking you Carole because it was a kind of calling to me to contact you which turn to be a blessing in my life. Thank you, Kiitos, Täck.
Edi Sidibeh, Social Worker

I contacted Carola Sand after been given a recommendation on her amazing abilities as a scientifically validated Life Force Energy Healer! She was most Knowledgeable about the Trivedi Effect Energy transmissions and competent in her approach. My main concerns were my reluctance to move ahead with my new business and the barriers that I was experiencing at the time!  There were blockages as to what exact path to follow, and feeling trepidation for all that was involved. No longer public speaking regularly, my confidence in that area was also a factor. Carola was empathic and caring as we conversed. Over the time I worked with her. I felt a new surge of motivation and enthusiasm when she was sending me the transmissions, which continues to grow. There is more inspiration and a sense of empowerment to move forward with confidence and enthusiasm.  It is difficult to give words to the changes, but her powerful transmissions are also bringing back the level of clarity and joy needed to proceed with my new ambitions. I highly recommend Carola for as a competent, impactful Life Force Energy Healer!

Shirley H.
Carola is an excellent transmitter of Trivedi Effect, I received her energy for several consecutive days and I had a pain in my right leg that has disappeared, also during the time that I have been a beneficiary of Carola’s transmissions many interesting things have happened and my time It has been optimized. I highly recommend Carola for any event that needs improvement in everyday life.
Carmen Teresa G., Alicante, Spain
Although Carola is a Trivedi Effect Healer that lives in Finland and I live in Ontario Canada, it felt like she was next door. Her professional approach and kindness made me feel that I was in good hands. Carola listened to my concerns and assured me that intelligent energy would take care of my needs. The reason I contacted Carola was that I was feeling anxious about my new business and I needed support to attract clients and make my business grow. After receiving the Energy Transmissions, I was guided to focus on taking care of something that I was avoiding for a long time – everything lined up beautifully and to my surprise, all was completed in the same day. I also received several calls related to my business and felt like the pressure was off and I just need to be patient. I recommend Carola’s Life Force Energy Transmissions to anyone needing support in their life.
Johanne D.
Our family adopted an unwanted adult dog. The dog was very calm and quiet, he didn’t know how to play or to do anything fun as dogs normally do and it was impossible to leave him alone even for a short time.
Then we decided to try Life Force Energy Transmissions from Carola and since then it feels like we don’t have the same dog anymore. Now he is a happy playful dog, it feels like he’s running around smiling and all his body is showing how happy he is. At the age of nine he’s now playing with toys that he never cared for before and he’s learning tricks and he loves to show what he can do. This is really amazing, there are no words expressing our gratitude.
We highly recommend Carola and her Energy Transmission Program for Pets. It really works!
Wendla S.

When I contacted Carola to set up blessings for me we talked about my health and she said she would do energy transmission for me as she is a certificated Trivedi effect healer and explained a for me how that would work. I wanted to improve my sleep and have better energy and mental clarity after a burnout few years ago wich I have been recovering from very slowly. After just few days after Carola started to send me energy I noticed how my sleep was getting deeper and my energy improving but also that my clarity was stronger. And new beautiful possibilities have been opening up for my art carrier in a very surprising ways. It is like this energy works on all levels and just clears what has been standing in my way, physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. I just feel so different and I am so greateful for Carolas blessings. Thank you Carola for being so understanding and warm.

Katrin B., Artist

Traumas can be life changing for anyone and who can understand it better than me. Having suffered for 17 long yrs with trauma and its debilitating sensations, waking up every day was like a punishment for me. Needless to say, it affected every sphere of my life. In my darkest hour, Carola came across as a beacon of hope & courage. With her unique healing skill set, she went out of her way to connect with my suffering and remove different layers of rage, guilt, shame, fears. In few sessions, I felt like a lifetime of heavy burden was lifted from me. I started to feel lighter & lighter every day. Finally, I see light at the end of the tunnel. There’s a sense of optimism in me about living a normal life as I continue to work with her. Thank you Carola, you truly are a life saver!!

Mr. SRS, India
Recently I contacted Carola regarding some personal concerns I wanted to work on. She listened closely, was compassionate and very caring. Her powerful energy transmissions were powerful & they helped tremendously. She is a gifted healer and I highly recommend her.
Aileen L., San Jose, California

I contacted Carola Sand to ask about life force energy and how it could help my business. I was working on many projects and was stressed. Carola explained the process…and she sent me life force energy known as the Trivedi Effect for five nights while I slept. The first thing I noticed was I slept through the night and woke up with energy and was ready to tackle my day. I also noticed that my stress levels were lower and I was able to process my workload more smoothly. I got more done in the days and weeks that followed. I highly recommend Carola Sand. She is empathetic, patient and her connection to the Divine is a useful conduit for me. I am sure others will have positive results like I did. Thank you!

Tamara P., Englewood, Florida
My dog was very anxious and nervous all the time. It really became a big problem. Then I got to hear about Carola and her Energy transmissions for pets. After the first transmission I could see that something shifted and now my dog is a very calm and relaxed dog in all new situations. What a great relief this is. Thank you.
Anna R.

When Carola told me about her ability to transform plants I asked her to give Energy Transmission to my sunflower seeds. I kept some seeds aside so they should not get any energy. I wanted to check if there was any difference. The energy treated flowers were from the beginning bigger and had a different green color. All Summer they looked much healthier and fresher. In Autumn when the first frost night came to the untreated flowers almost died, their leaves were all hanging lifeless and the energy treated sunflowers still looked fresh and healthy. What a difference there was. This is really amazing.

Petra S.

I had a heavy burnout. I couldn’t go to work at all, the only thing I wanted to do was sleep, sleep, sleep. It was like my brain did not function at all, so I was in a very bad shape when I got this Energy transmission from Carola. I don’t know how to put it but it was like something kicked me out of my brain paralysis and I could start to function normally again after the Energy transmission. I started with all my old hobbies again and I also started to run. Nowadays I enjoy everything I’m doing. I feel an inner calmness and I look at life in a different way. I feel strong and can do just anything. It’s very hard to understand in how bad shape I really was before. Thank you, Carola, I know that your Energy transmission lifted me from the depths.

Ellen J.

Carola Sand is a Trivedi Effect Energy Healer who is professional and proficient in her work. I asked her for some assistance because I felt like I had too much going on, and I was feeling like I had suppressed emotions because I was feeling it physically in my neck and shoulders. I also would wake up in the middle of the night and could not go back to sleep. After having received a week of Life Force Energy transmissions from Carola, I experienced a much deeper and restful sleep, more confidence and clarity and an unexpected financial opportunity appeared.

Thank you for the Life Force Energy transmissions, and I highly recommend your work.

Faith P.

Carola Sand completely shifted my energy from a place of uncertainty to grace and peace. I have never felt so connected to my purpose. I have also found that I have so much clarity and am focused like never before. I am deeply grateful for our time together. She is a talented Trivedi Effect healer and I highly recommend her as a professional.

Zhanna R.

Carola is a wonderful healer! She is caring and insightful, professional, and personable. She is someone you naturally want to befriend. I initially contacted Carola for a personal issue, and I signed up to receive her Trivedi Effect Energy Transmissions. What a beautiful experience it is to receive this energy! I am currently experiencing a deep inner resolution of the issue I brought up with Carola, and I am so grateful! If you are seeking support to make changes in your life, or just want healing for yourself or your family, I cannot recommend Carola highly enough. She’s the real deal!

Krista C.

Carola is a wonderful person and a very caring and kind human being. I am happy to have had the opportunity to receive lifeforce energy transmission from her. It turned out I really got some help with the stress that I felt both at work and at home and I became more content and at peace with my life and myself. I became much more grateful for everything in my life. Thank you!

Elisabeth H.