People all over the world experience stress from a variety of sources, ranging from work, family, relationships, health, society, environment and more.

Stress is a type of psychological pain, a feeling of strain and pressure.

It is well known and established that it is not good for our health, rather the root cause of most diseases and disorders known today. Stress lowers immunity, leads to inflammation and prolonged exposure can increase the risk of heart attacks, strokes, ulcers and mental illnesses such as anxiety, depression and burnout.

I learnt from the discourses of Guruji Mahendra Trivedi that the root course of stress is uncertainty in our lives.

Stress is disconnection from Divine, from the universal Life Force Energy. This disconnection leads to the experience of fear from the future.

One needs to have trust and faith in the Divine. Trust that whatever happens to you is for your own good, maybe you do need to lose your job, maybe you are on the wrong path and are trying to force your will.

Often people think that they have trust and faith in the Divine. However, if one experiences sleep disorders, anxiety, chronic illness then it is an indication of lack of trust.

You need to discover yourself. Who are you?

Do you live in certainty or uncertainty?

Do you live under stress?

The pendulum of Life swings between certainty and uncertainty.

When your future is full of uncertainty, then you are living under fear every day. When you live in uncertainty you will be under stress and that will give you low immunity and chronic inflammation. Causes for uncertainty are fear that you might lose someone you love, you might lose your job, you are worried about your health – will I become sick, will I get cancer?

Certainty is such a huge gift, it comes from the connection to Divine, to the universal Life Force Energy. When you live in certainty you will live in happiness and have good health and wealth. The source of certainty is your Creator, God of your understanding.

Certainty comes from Divine. To live in certainty, you have to stay connected to the Divine and follow the Divine laws evident in nature. Then you will live in light with happiness every day.

Uncertainty comes from society. When you live in uncertainty you always follow the norms of the society and are disconnected from Divine. Then you will live in darkness and a life full of stress.

It is like the lamp, when it is connected to electricity there is light and when the lamp gets disconnected from electricity there is darkness.

How do you want to live your life?

Do you want to live in uncertainty or certainty?

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